Top Technology Predictions - agineo CEO looks forward to 2021

Thomas Haveneth, Managing Director, agineo
Thomas Haveneth, Managing Director, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>agineo</a>

Thomas Haveneth, Managing Director, agineo

In 2021, the COVID pandemic will continue to keep the global economy busy. More than ever, the question of future economic development trends is coming into focus.

The virus crisis has highlighted the relevance of digitalization and IT processes. Being the largest ServiceNow Elite Partner in the German-speaking region, the IT service provider agineo stands for high-quality, agile implementation of innovative service projects. For more than 30 years, the company has successfully optimized the entire range of processes into individual business models for its customers. Based on state-of-the-art cloud technology, agineo ensures smooth workflows and reliably guides its customers through these challenging times of crisis. Asked by CIOReview, agineo CEO Thomas Haveneth shares his top predictions for the technology sector and the IT industry in 2021:

Growing trend of location- and time-flexible working

Looking back, the past year has shown that home office is not only a safe alternative to face-to-face work, but also a useful and viable one. Thomas Haveneth is certain: mobile work with maximum flexibility will define our working world even over and above the pandemic. Despite legal, organizational and technical hurdles, remote working has proven to be an efficient way of working in numerous companies.  Even if permanent home office is not feasible for everyone, this way of working has now become an established part of our working society. The dwindling connection to the office building makes it necessary to push ahead with digitization processes. As a result an individual digital transformation of work processes is necessary for every company in order to remain competitive in the long term, especially in times of pandemic.  "The needs of our customers are changing and we are adapting to these needs." Haveneth emphasizes, illustrating the fact that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. As leading provider of digital workflows, ServiceNow in particular is suited to accompany companies through the virus crisis in a comprehensive and efficiency-enhancing manner. In addition, an increased demand for industry-proved workflows points to a trend towards preconfigured processes.

Focus on Strategic Platforms, Cloud Services and Artificial Intelligence

Given growing demand for the digitization of products and services, agineo's CEO expects the digitization market to expand. An increasing number of companies are relying on strategic technology platforms to make processes more efficient and map complex business processes through simplified workflows. This is where Thomas Haveneth sees a trend toward using a few selected, but large platforms that offer numerous functionalities. In terms of achieving corporate goals, the selection of a suitable platform plays a critical role. In addition to Sharepoint and SAP, ServiceNow also needs to be mentioned in this context.

As the leading innovator for Enterprise Service Management, ServiceNow is currently playing a pioneering role with market-leading solutions. According to Haveneth, therefore the sought-after cloud platform provider will continue to gain in relevance during 2021. ServiceNow technology enables companies to digitize, optimize and monitor their workflows in very short time.

Moreover, a further expansion of AI-supported automation processes can be expected for the new year. In this context, Haveneth sees a growing need for designing state-of-the-art AI models and optimized machine learning strategies.

Additionally, corporate hardware used to date will increasingly be provided by cloud providers, such as ServiceNow, rather than by the companies themselves. Haveneth therefore assumes an outsourcing of the hardware.

Summing up, the agineo CEO is confident about developments in 2021, which promises to be a busy year. An increase in digital workflows gives confident hope for flexibilization in many areas of life.