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Thomas Haveneth, Managing Director
Choosing the best strategic technology platform is a critical factor in achieving business objectives. When modernizing management tools, many companies nowadays choose three strategic platforms: SAP, Microsoft SharePoint and ServiceNow. ServiceNow thereby addresses the optimization of workflow-based business processes. By providing a cloud-based platform, the technology company enables a significant improvement of manual work processes through digital workflows. As the leading innovator for SaaS platforms, ServiceNow is able to continuously increase its product maturity level. As a result, the company's services are changing from pure programming services to a consulting strength.

Recognized as the largest ServiceNow elite partner in the entire DACH region, agineo utilizes its experienced consultants to create innovative and custom solutions for enterprise service management (ESM).The company’s forte in consulting, planning smooth implementations, and support for ongoing operations makes it a reliable partner not just for the enterprises, but also ServiceNow. For providing the highest level of service to its customers, agineo has chosen ServiceNow as its central partner. In this special field, agineo supports the entire platform and defines itself as a full-spectrum ServiceNow service provider. Two years ago the company stood at 100 consultants, whereas this year it counts 140 ServiceNow experts. Targeting to increase the number of consultants to 250 within the next years, agineo is pursuing a clear growth strategy. With its competence team, it evaluates among others the technical environments, business processes and the budget of the customer. As a result, agineois able to develop a strategy that optimizes business processes and increases productivity. agineo utilizes modern and future-proof technologies to design and install the necessary IT infrastructure as per the requirements of the client. Once the implementation is completed, the consultants assist in the initial setup and configuration of the interfaces and provide best practices as well as training to employees.
Moreover, the company offers a Rent-an-Admin function that provides another blanket of support in the form of a competent IT specialist who can assist the enterprise through any IT infrastructure challenge they could face.

The consultants at agineo follow a hybrid agile product model

“The consultants at agineo follow a hybrid agile product model,” says Thomas Haveneth, the Managing Director of the company. These consultants, along with the client, identify the pain points and possible solutions for seamless integration of ServiceNow workflows. The pain points, which are not answered during the initial installation, are addressed through the continuous development of the system. The unanswered pain points—termed as ‘user story’—are collated, and depending on the impact, allow the consultants to decide the order in which the user stories need to be focused. This agile philosophy enables agineo to materialize stories successively, thereby empowering the customer to realize an improved version of the solution after the implementation and facilitating greater acceptance among users.

agineo’s proficiency in ESM solutions can be highlighted through its collaboration with a major automobile manufacturer in Germany. The client wanted their entire service catalog, both IT systems and non-IT systems, to be implemented within the ServiceNow platform for proper categorization and retrieval of information. Thanks to this new solution, all services of the automobile manufacturer could be offered to all companies of the group. Its effectiveness was evident from the fact that the 300,000 users belonging to the client’s companies adopted this platform for their daily businesses.

Building upon many such successful collaborations, and to further enhance its consulting expertise, agineo is looking forward to developing more out-of-the-box and modular solutions pertaining to ServiceNow implementations. To that end, Thomas Haveneth says, “Customers can benefit from the synergy that the platform brings when multiple modules function together to achieve the desired objective and increase profitability for the end customer.”


Aachen, Germany

Thomas Haveneth, Managing Director

The implementation of enterprise service management projects requires deep integration know-how. agineo is a specialist in the implementation of service processes and a leader in the implementation of service management technologies. It is also the largest German-speaking and industry-independent ServiceNow partner for the DACH region. Everything from a single source, agineo offers its clients a complete package for planning, introducing and operating the entire ServiceNow product range. The company supports its clients in the implementation of their ServiceNow projects across the entire process chain