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Stuart McDonald, Co-founder & Director
Anthony Lamoureux, and Stuart McDonald, the founders of Velocity, were always driven by their desire to solve real-life problems fast. With over 15 years as transformation consultants, they have been bringing their extensive problem-solving skills in implementing successful digital transformation programs and solving business challenges.

Their goal, is one of improving the “people, process, and technology,” aspects of an organization. With a prime focus on ServiceNow consultancy services, Velocity helps organizations transform their client's businesses by uncovering the real value of the technology they use. “We just happened to use ServiceNow as it is the most effective tool to enable massive digital transformations for our clients,” mentions McDonald. The company's affinity toward ServiceNow also stems from its potential to scale, simplicity and positively affect busines change. “Through our Velocity SmartTransform consulting services, we improve both the capabilities of ServiceNow and we transform the way businesses operate,” mentions Lamoureux.

Today, the company are leading innovation in the industry; they provide two complimentary businesses, with a single aim to improve clients investment in ServiceNow. They offer both Velocity Smart Consulting (a pure-play ServiceNow consultancy) and their world leading Velocity Smart Technology, with its Velocity Smart Collect™ application which is the worlds first “Built On Now” ServiceNow app to control Smart Lockers and IT equipment provisioning directly from ServiceNow ITSM.

The key belief behind Velocity Smart Consulting is that their clients need the benefit gained from the wider transformation in their entire service rather than simply the delivery of the ServiceNow tool. For that reason, they have encapsulated various digital transformation elements, including service strategy, service design, process design, and communications, into their services. Lamoureux and McDonalds’ impeccable track record as transformation consultants, play a pivotal role in the services they offer. By combining the experience they garnered over the years, the company delivers an end-to-end and holistic ServiceNow transformation methodology called Velocity SmartTransform.

Three years ago, the company's second business—Velocity Smart Technology, came to the fore. Velocity Smart Technology has developed a Smart Locker application to improve the delivery and collection of IT equipment. The solution built on ServiceNow transforms the highly labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks associated with the delivery and collection of IT equipment and saves millions of dollars. By downloading the application from the ServiceNow store, organizations can integrate smart lockers into their existing ServiceNow platform and automate IT equipment delivery and collection. Velocity Smart Lockers enable companies to provide IT support—apart from restocking the devices—without the support team’s direct involvement. Lamoureux explains the significance of the Smart Locker application through an example. On average, an equipment fulfillment request takes three days to get processed, which accounts for large amounts of downtime. Not to mention the cost of IT support staff who spends a significant time collecting and delivering IT equipment. With the solution, Velocity allows companies to integrate the locker and ServiceNow to transform IT support and enables a 24/7’ click and collect’ tech replacement service for businesses, dramatically cutting IT support costs, delivery times, and IT support worker downtime.

One of Velocity’s strongest differentiators from other Locker providers is having all the solution ‘Smarts’ built into the ServiceNow cloud. This enables Velocity to introduce new features and functionality all the time, with at least four Smart Collect App updates a year, to further enhance the value customers receive from an already excellent service.

For example, against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic, Velocity Smart Lockers already makes IT support contactless and ensures safety. But Velocity were able to quickly introduce its all-new COVID-19 Secure safety features, such as device disinfected check and device quarantine, so the Velocity Smart Collect app, along with Velocity Smart Lockers, and Smart Vending, becomes the world’s first COVID-19 Secure Smart Lockers.

With exponential growth, the company has implemented a series of measures to meet the increasing demand for Velocity smart devices globally, with services now being delivered to countries across EMEA, AMERICAS and APAC. It ensures to safely build, deliver, and install them while meeting stringent social distancing and hygiene requirements.
Anthony Lamoureux, Co-founder & Director
Velocity's approach to ServiceNow consulting and implementation, through Velocity Smart Consulting, is a stark contrast to that of its competitors; they approach every project holistically, intending to improve business outcomes and services. Rather than delivering the platform directly to their clients, the company's team enhances user experience and adoption and provides essential training to the client's staff to reap maximum benefits. As opposed to taking ServiceNow products and doing a standard development implementation, Velocity looks first at the business internal capability, drivers, problems and needs, and structures an agile and iterative delivery model that solves real issues and delivers value from day 1. The company co-creates new ServiceNow platforms and demonstrates it to the client as a part of testing. In order to perform such complex development tasks, Velocity employs a team of expert consultants and developers who go above and beyond to solve their client's intricate requirements. With a small group of onshore enterprise consultants who have managed large teams in service organizations, the company helps the client define what good looks like in their business. Moreover, the company utilizes their off-shore team's developmental capability in Bulgaria, who are certified ServiceNow developers capable of solving complex challenges.

McDonald recalls the story of a leading UK-based energy company, which was looking to leverage ServiceNow to transform its four businesses but after 18 months only one business was using the system and they were seeing little value from the investment. Facing another 12-18 development programme to extend the use of ServiceNow across all businesses, the energy company was facing a crossroads on how to continue, which is when they were introduced to Velocity. In fact, several companies deal with a similar challenge of deploying an effective ServiceNow instance to elevate and streamline their operations and struggle to get the desired value and benefits in a timely and cost-effective manner for .

“The standard set-up programs or boilerplate methods adopted by many ServiceNow consultancies often underdeliver on the promised benefits” adds Lamoureux. Velocity accepted the challenge head-on when the energy company approached them to discuss their ServiceNow implementation. They flipped the plan on its head and focused onboarding the businesses and delivering incremental value and improving their business outcomes. After a detailed assessment and evaluation, Velocity helped the client onboard its entire business into the ServiceNow platform quickly. The company's team was able to onboard the first business unit—the client had four business units—in four weeks, and the rest of the business units were gradually brought to the ServiceNow platform in less than 17 weeks.

Unlike its competitors, the company understands that a one size fits all approach to ServiceNow implementation is not practical as their clients' businesses and requirements are diverse. While Velocity's team performs a rapid implementation at a reasonable price, they don't forget to resort to a cookie-cutter approach to every engagement. Before implementation, they try to understand whether the client employs dedicated change managers or has a major incident management process. Such an approach enables them to serve their clients with different levels of maturity with regard to the structure of the business. In essence, Velocity implements the platform by tailoring it to the way companies work. "While catering to our client's needs, we try to systemize their processes, simplify them, make them smarter, and thereby make their lives easier," says McDonald.

With its capabilities, Velocity has been successful in proving the value of ServiceNow to their clients. While working with a client, Velocity also looks for opportunities to implement new ServiceNow capabilities in various business areas, such as legal, security, and HR, to name some. When it comes to supporting, Velocity always put themselves in their client's shoes and designs a support package accordingly with minimal pricing. While doing so, they also ensure to maintain all upgrades within a specific timeframe.

Velocity serves a diverse clientele ranging from various industry segments, including higher education, government agencies, defense, and energy. They are also teaming up with the world's biggest managed service providers and plans to become the preeminent leader in the Smart Locker space by finding new markets.

Velocity Smart Technology

London, England

Stuart McDonald, Co-founder & Director and Anthony Lamoureux, Co-founder & Director

Founded in 2013,the company offers two businesses: Velocity Smart Consulting (a pure-play ServiceNow consultancy) and Velocity Smart Technology. By combining its experts’ cross-industry skills in service strategy, service design, process design, communications, vendor management, business change, test management, and interim resourcing, the company has created Velocity SmartTransform—the first holistic ServiceNow end to end transformation methodology that enables seamless digital transformation with real business value. Velocity Smart Technology created the world’s first ServiceNow certified app-connected fully integrated Smart Locker and Smart Vending solution. It aims to revolutionize self-service IT support to enterprises by fully integrating its smart lockers with ServiceNow for streamlined remote and automated IT equipment collection and delivery services